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January 31st, 2008

SLAX on USB Drive

Tricks, by suvi.

Thereís a shop in the vicinity of the place where Iím writing this article where you can buy 16 GB USB memory without any hassle (the memory is also called: PenDrive, USB Flash Drive, Flash Disk, FlashDrive, Finger Disk, Massive Storage Device, Flash Memory Stick Pen Drive ó you know what thatís all about, donít you?). The pleasure has its price, but itís futile to drop it here as it changes quicker than a dameís temper. And as the joy of having the toy demands a rather high expenditure so far, buying a 1 GB stick does not represent a financial burden even for the people without permanent employment, e.g. proverbial ďpoor studentsĒ. Such a stick is more than enough for a light Linux distro leaving a lot of space for other data.


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