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January 31st, 2008

SWAT your Samba problems

Samba, by suvi.

If you need to share files or printers with Windows machines, you’re likely using Samba
and know how to administer and configure it by editing configuration
files and starting and stopping the daemon. However, there’s an easier,
graphical way to configure your box: the Samba Web Administration Tool.

SWAT allows you to set up all aspects of your Samba server through an intuitive Web interface in a style similar to Webmin.
(In fact, if you use Webmin, you can access SWAT by going to Servers
-> Samba Windows File Sharing and then clicking on the hammer icon
for SWAT.)

Among its interesting features, SWAT includes a wizard that can you
help you configure Samba quickly with a basic setup. It also provides
context-sensitive help for all parameters (taken directly from the man
pages), and it lets you monitor the current state of connections and
users. Since it is an integral part of the Samba suite, all available
parameters are always up to date.

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