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January 29th, 2008

How To Create The Sis191 Gigabit Ethernet Driver On Linux 2.6

Linux, Programming, by suvi.

This how-to is for those people wich have a sis191 gigabit ethernet integrated interface (on-board LAN), but cannot get sis191 default driver working. My Acer Aspire SA90 is one good example.

The Problem

When executing

modprobe sis190

, under a vanilla 2.6.x kernel (mine is 2.6.22 from ubuntu 7.10), you will see this error:

‘Can not find ISA bridge’

And no networking interface will be found. If you’re unlucky, as I was until I bought a PCI network card, you’ll have no network so this how-to will be impossible for you to reach.

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