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January 18th, 2008

Sharing a Samba File and Print Server Across Subnets, Part 2

Samba, Server, by suvi.

In Part 1
we set up a simple anonymous Samba file and printer server. Now we’re
going to share it across subnets. Both Windows and Linux clients will
be able to use this server. Our example network has three segments, as
this elegant ASCII network diagram shows:

|                     |                        |                 lan2                   lan3

For ease of discussion,
we’ll call them lan1, lan2, and lan3. Our Samba server sits on lan1,
with an address of lan2 and lan3 contain a motley
assortment of Windows and Linux clients. In this example there is no
domain controller, but only a peer network. We’ll get to Windows-type
domains in a moment.

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