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December 29th, 2007

Making an Illustrated Book

Office, Tricks, by suvi.

One of the things we plan to do
different in the Geek Ranch (see What’s New
Down Here?
) is build a lot of domes instead of conventional
buildings. The reasoning behind this is that they are quicker to
build, cost less and use mostly local materials and that which is
not local (in particular, steel) is used in lower quantities than
in conventional construction.

Before you ask, while we will have storage buildings and other
parts of the facility build as domes, if you are thinking about a
trip to the Geek Ranch for your getaway, yes your casita will also
be a dome. It seems like geeks are the least likely to have a
problem with something non-conventional.

This area is full of albaņils (bricklayers) but I
doubt any of them have seen a dome building much less built one.
What they know how to do is pour a foundation, stack up bricks with
mortar between them, build structural columns with rebar and
concrete and throw a cement, fine sand and water mixture on the
outside to form a smooth surface.

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