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November 29th, 2007

Using grep and sed to find and replace

Tricks, by suvi.

This article covers two beneficial Linux tools,
grep and sed. If searching for or handling text, grep and sed can
increase your efficiency with Linux bash scripting and configuration
files. We’ll learn how to use these commands and get some helpful tips,

Using Grep
Need to find a single matching line in a 300 page script or a large
configuration file that you’ve customized? Don’t have the time to
search line by line to find that single bug that is halting your system
when trying to start the service? You can search for a string quickly
using grep.

You can search with grep (an acronym for searching globally for lines matching the regular expression, and print
them) many of the files on a Linux machine. When you give it a list of
files to read, it will search for lines of text that match the
expressions you’re looking for and, if it find any, it will output the
pieces you want. Just think of as a grip: using grep is a great way to
grab a hold of specific lines or files. This command line utility that
was originally designed for Unix systems.

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