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November 29th, 2007

Building an LDAP Server on Linux, Part 1

Server, by suvi.

Your network is
growing in size and complexity. It’s taking on a life of its own,
spreading and growing and absorbing everything in its path. You’re
tearing your hair out trying to keep track, and your users have somehow
discovered your secret phone number and are pestering you with endless
questions and demands where do I find this; I don’t want to keep track of a dozen different passwords; nothing works like it should.

Of several possible
solutions, consider two: 1) find a new hiding place, or 2) implement an
LDAP server. While finding a new hiding place might sound ideal, it’s
an option we’re going to have to save for a future article. This series
will instead explain what LDAP is good for, detail how to build an LDAP
server, and cover what you can do with it.

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