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November 27th, 2007

Howto: Transform a qemu image to a VirtualBox image

Virtualization, by suvi.

Virtual Machines are an easy way to provide new applications or
even entire operating systems without the need to install or alter
anything in an existing system. However, often they are provided as a
qemu image while VirtualBox is much more userfriendly.

A good example for an important qemu image is KDE’s “KDE 4 daily buildsvirtual machine. I wanted to use it, but in contrast to qemu, VirtualBox comes along with a well designed GUI and is simply much more userfriendly (and of course also exists in a free version).

To use the qemu image in VirtualBox, first of all qemu must be installed on the computer. In Fedora this can be done by yum install qemu, for example. Also, later on a tool called “vditool”
is needed. This can be downloaded at VirtualBox’ homepage: save the
following link by right click to some place on your hard disk: VirtualBox should be installed already as well.

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