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November 19th, 2007

Fedora 8 Install Guide

Fedora, by suvi.

I decided to document how I set up my
Fedora system so others could see the steps I take to get to a perfect
(for me) desktop environment. Please note that this is not your average
"Newbies Guide To Installing Linux". this is merely how I set up my
system and only includes the programs I use.

So, I’ve just installed Fedora 8 as a fresh install and I’m now looking
at a default desktop. There’s a security alert telling me I need to
update my system, but I’m going to forgo that for the moment.

First thing I’m going to do is fix my display because it
defaulted to 1600×1200 and I prefer 1280×1024. So, on the top panel,
System > Administration > Display brings up the panel that allows
me to change that. After changing it, I need to reload X for the new
settings to take effect. CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE gets me back to a login

Once I’ve reloaded X, I’m going to ignore the update notice
again and add the Livna repository. To do this, I open Firefox and
browse to

Before I actually install the Livna repo rpm, I’m going to middle-click
(click the mouse wheel or right-click > Open in a new tab) the link
next to "The repository packages are located here:". Click on "Parent
Directory", then right-click "RPM-LIVNA-GPG-KEY" and select "Copy link
location". Next, I’ll open a terminal from the top panel menu by going
to Applications > System Tools > Terminal. Enter the following
command, followed by your root password to become root:

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