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July 29th, 2011

Sniffing Passwords Over a Wifi Connection [Linux]

Security, by suvi.

Now here’s where some fun stuff starts!
I hope many of you have followed my installing Backtrack 5 guide and read up on what ARP is as well as basic Linux commands so you can follow along easily; if not, go read those now!

What you’ll need for this tutorial:

Backtrack 5 or Linux on your computer.
SSLStrip installed (to bypass HTTPS connections)
Ettercap installed.
Arpspoof installed (comes on Backtrack 5 by default).

If you don’t have any of these, follow the links and set up your system before continuing.

Okay, so what we’re doing today is using a few programs to sniff passwords over a network and redirect secure HTTPS connections to non-secure HTTP connections to help us get even more passwords.
I’ve successfully gotten passwords and user names from Gmail, Facebook, Ureddit, Reddit, and Youtube; but all sites should work.

Read more at Hack-A-Vision

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