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January 8th, 2011

How to Setup HDMI Digital Playback in Linux

Linux, Multimedia, by suvi.

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How to Setup HDMI Digital Playback in Linux

HDMI cableLike many people, I have an HDTV in my house that supports HDMI input devices, such as Blu-ray players. I also like to watch streaming content over the Internet, downloaded videos, and listen to music all from my TV and home theater system. Unfortunately, I do not have a Boxee box or a Roku box. All I have is a Blu-ray player that supports very few video formats and only offers a few streaming options, such as Netflix.

Fortunately, I can run Boxee from any computer, but rather than buying a dedicated box just for that, I can use my Eee PC, which has HDMI output. Many laptop manufacturers are adding HDMI out connectors to their devices specifically for this purpose, so that customers can display their content on big screen televisions.

If you happen to be one of those people and have chosen Linux for your laptop or computer with HDMI out, this brief tutorial should help you get video and sound working.

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