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October 31st, 2007

How to Secure Ubuntu With AppArmor

Security, Ubuntu, by suvi.

AppArmor is one way to protect your assets on your Ubuntu Gutsy system.

AppArmor attempts to protect processes on the server or desktop from security threats. AppArmor enforces limits on what processes can access on the system. It attempts to restrict processes to those resources that the process requires to function only. AppArmor will not only define the system resources a program can access , it will also determine the privileges with which it can access those resources. To protect applications you will need to set up a security profile for each application that you want to protect.

When you have many software applications on a system you have the risk of hosting software flaws that you are not aware of. These software flaws provide avenues of access for attackers to compromise your system. Exploits that are discovered and on the same day that they are used to crack a system by an attacker are called zero-day exploits. AppArmor provides protection against these kinds of attacks by protecting against known and unknown vulnerabilities.


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