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October 30th, 2007

Listening to and recording audio and video streams with MPlayer

Multimedia, by suvi.

Most streaming audio
and video on the Internet is disseminated in proprietary formats such
as RM, RAM, WMV, and ASF. Fortunately, the open source application MPlayer can play and even record streams in almost any format.

supports RTSP, MMS, HTTP (progressive) and other streaming URLs, as
well as direct playback from the URLs. Such URLs may look something
like these:


Unfortunately, these URLs are not always provided in the open to be
copied. It can take a bit of detective work to extract them from a meta
file, such as .ram file for rtsp:// URLs. For instance, if you want to
listen to BBC Radio 4, you
choose the program you want and try to locate the link of .ram file
from the site, which in case of BBC Radio can be found out by opening
its player
and copying the link on "Listen using stand-alone Real Player." You can
then use wget to download the associated .ram file, which points to one
or more RTSP URLs such as the one above.

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