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October 30th, 2007

GIMP tricks: Liquid rescaling by example

Graphics, by suvi.

Have you ever taken a picture which would be just great only if you could remove that strange unwanted object that showed up in the middle of nowhere and now kills the whole effect? Or perhaps you just want to get rid of your ex-girlfriend and keep the photo with a fantastic landscape alone? Whatever your secret plans are, GIMP Liquid rescale plugin is there for you. Just use it!

Recently there has appeared a short movie presenting abilities of Seam Carving program. In the movie you can see an absolutely new rescaling process of digital images. Shortly it can be described as cutting-out and adding less significant lines. This method of rescaling was developed by two Israeli scientists: Shai Avidan and Ariel Shamir, who called it the Content Aware Image Resizing.

Similar method is used in the Internet to format web sites, where the webmaster with help of special tags can divide the site to blocks and set the appropriate size of each one to make it work with the text-wrapping. So far such process was unavailable for images and solution that does it, often loses details which can be important.

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