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September 30th, 2009

vi: /usr/bin/view exists in filesystem

Linux, by suvi.

New tutorial added to HowtoMatrix database.
vi: /usr/bin/view exists in filesystem
Today, after a long time not updating my Linux Operating system (Arch distro), I decided to start a/p
psudo pacman -Syu/p
pI got this error after downloading all the packages/p
perror: failed to commit transaction (conflicting files)br /
vi: /usr/bin/view exists in filesystembr /
Errors occurred, no packages were upgraded./p
pHopefully, the support for Arch Linux, is one of the bests out there, The solution is very simple, enter the next command./p
psudo rm /usr/bin/{view,rview}/p
pAnd then run again:/p
psudo pacman -Syu/p

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