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July 30th, 2009

How to: Buy a Wireless Router

Hardware, Networking, by suvi.

A diminishing few of us can still remember a time when you had to talk on a phone whose handset was tethered to the phone itself with a six foot cord. Forget about pacing around the house, let alone having a conversation while gardening in the backyard. It’s almost just as quaint now to think of a time when we had to sit in front of a PC plunked onto (or under) a desk in some awkward corner of our house. Ah, the nineties.

Thanks both to cheap laptop PC’s and wireless networking, watching YouTube videos in the bathroom is easier than ever. You probably already do this if you have a wireless router, or else you want to do this and so you’ll need a wireless router. Or perhaps you have an old or underperforming router and simply want to upgrade. Whether you’re looking for better range, faster speed, or tighter security, these are a few things to know when going shopping for a wireless router.

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