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May 31st, 2009

Installing MyDNS & MyDNSConfig 3 On Fedora 10

Fedora, Networking, Server, by suvi.

In this tutorial I will describe how to install and configure MyDNS and MyDNSConfig 3
on Fedora 10. MyDNS is a DNS server that uses a MySQL database as
backend instead of configuration files like, for example, Bind or
djbdns. The advantage is that MyDNS simply reads the records from the
database, and it does not have to be restarted/reloaded when DNS
records change or zones are created/edited/deleted. A secondary
nameserver can be easily set up by installing a second instance of
MyDNS that accesses the same database or, to be more redundant, uses
the MySQL master / slave replication features to replicate the data to
the secondary nameserver. MyDNSConfig is an easy to use web-based interface to MyDNS.
MyDNSConfig can create all types of DNS records that are available in
MyDNS and adds features like user management and access privileges.

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