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May 31st, 2009

How To Automate Tasks In KDE

KDE, by suvi.

KDE provides users with the tools to run software automatically using two features: Autostart and Task Scheduler (formerly called KCron). These tasks can be initiated immediately prior to KDE startup, during KDE startup, or scheduled at anytime: daily, hourly, weekly, or even every five minutes. Both of these features were present in KDE 3. Autostart programs could be dropped into the ~/.kde/share/autostart directory, and automated programs (cron jobs) could be created through a standalone application called KCron.

With KDE 4, Autostart and KCron are now both integrated into System Settings. To start either one, simply click on the K menu and then click System Settings. Next, click the “advanced” tab. Under the Advanced User Settings section, you should see Autostart, and under the System section, make sure that you see Task Scheduler. On my Kubuntu system, Task Scheduler was not installed, so I had to start kpackagekit and install the kcron package.

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