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April 28th, 2009

Installing Skype on Ubuntu 9.04

Software, Ubuntu, by suvi.

Since I have a Skype account and a new install of Ubuntu 9.04 I thought it would make sense to get Skype going.
In order to install Skype, it is not in the repository, you must go to the Skype web site. Quite frankly, I am not sure they give a rip about Linux users

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Responses to “Installing Skype on Ubuntu 9.04”

  1. I can’t get pas the create a new account, it asks me to reset or close but the sign up is disabled. Is this because I didn’t install something ? I’m rather computer illiterate and UBUNTU though good isn’t completely user friendly to types like myself. Can anybody suggest a solution ? I have a fresh update to 9.04 and when I’m reading this kind of advice I’m getting lost as it tells me to put command lines and cut and paste but I don’t know where to.

    Hynek Libl at
  2. try with diffrent user in Your Ubuntu account. Maybe its helps.

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