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February 22nd, 2009

8 Useful Tricks To Clean Up & Streamline Your WordPress Database

Software, by suvi.

Being a database-driven software, the performance of your WordPress blog is closely related to how efficient your database is. The bigger and messier your database is, the slower is the performance of your blog.

If you have not been doing regular housekeeping and database maintenance, either because you don’t know how to do or you are just plain lazy, here are 8 useful tricks that you can use to clean up your WordPress database easily and quickly.

1) Turn off/delete post revision

While the post revision is a good way to make sure that any changes to a post is documented, it can be a waste of database and server resources if you are the only user of the blog and does not collaborate with other authors for article writing.

To prevent the post revision from cluttering your database, it is best to turn it off once and for all.

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