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August 30th, 2008

Track your investments with Grism

Software, by suvi.

My dad has been pestering me for some time to find him an open source tool that he could use to follow the market trends. He’s been thinking about investing a little something in the market, but not without due diligence. Grism, written in Ruby, is the tool my dad now uses to easily follow the changing market trends. It allows you to create watchlists and portfolios and offers charts to help you gauge the performance of particular stocks.

At the heart of Grism lies the YahooFinance Ruby module, which enables Grism to draw stock quotes from Yahoo! Finance. Grism has an extensive dependency list that includes Ruby, GTK+ 2.8, ruby-gtk2, and ruby-libglade2. Once you’ve installed these, download the latest tarball and run the command: tar zxvf grism-0.9.0.tar.gz. Browse into the newly created grism-0.9.0 directory and run the setup.rb script: ruby setup.rb.


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