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April 28th, 2008

CD/DVD install with no CD/DVD

Linux, Other, by suvi.

Want to install a DVD release of Linux but dont have a DVD drive or recorder? Your CD/DVD drive has died but you still want to install a new or updated version of Linux? You can, and you can do it all from your hard drive without burning a single CD or DVD.

To start we need to make a partition for the image to reside on. Two bits of advice, put the partition at the very end of the drive so you can recover the HD space later on if you wish. It’s easy to add more room to the end of a partition but nearly impossible to add more room at the beginning of a partition. The second bit is, if you have no working CD/DVD drive at all you will need another way to resize your drives, for this I recommend going to They have a great list of thumb drive installs and how-to’s, as well as their own version aptly called pendrivelinux which is great. You’ll have to install gparted on it but still, very handy and a must have for your toolkit.

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